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He returns
Chapter nine

Fionna's POV:
I was breathing hard, running over the hills and sliding down them when I got to the top. "Marshal," I said, "I SAID WAIT!!" I was irritated but it was fun chasing after him. After a few minutes i saw him take off up into the clouds. I was confused and looking around to where he might have gone to. I stopped in my track.s, looking back and forth. I finally sighed and tried to run again but i couldn't. "W-what..?" I said. I looked down and I was off the ground. "EEEPPPP!?" I shrieked and held onto whatever had me by the arms.

Gumballs POV: (after he woke up and he picked up the picture again)
I flung that horrid picture across the room. "Bastard!!" I yelled. I remember why I hated him so.
No ones POV:
February 14, valentines day.
Gumball had thrown a party for everyone he knew. Fionna was there in a stunning pink and white strapless dress with her hair in a side ponytail.
-around 8:00 pm-
The only reason he threw this party was to tell fionna his feelings toward her. He got the roses and walked over to her. She was with that vampire. Gumball didn't really care. He was still walking when he heard this:
Marshall: "fionna I have to telll you something."

Fionna: "what is it mar-"
She was interrupted by his kiss, Gumball stopped midway and dropped the flowers. The petals flew everywhere. His fist were clenched and heart pumping. He looked at fionna, who was kissing him back. Gumball was furious and wanted revenge. He got on the mircrophone and told everyone to leave in a harsh voice. They all scurried out the door followed some quiet mumbles about his harsh tone.

-End of flashback-

~End of part nine~
I know i said it would be early but I had to get my grades up sorry ^^
Love-Shizuo Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013
so cute
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:iconohmyglobplz: I cant wait for moar!!!
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