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Sulking in your moonlight
( A Princess Luna and Celestia Fan-fiction )

The verdict was tough and couldn't be undone. She was stuck on the moon for one-thousand years. But what was she to do? How was her sister fairing without her?

A/N: This goes in order of years for both Celestia and Luna. So we shall begin with Celestia's then move onto Luna's story. Also, this probably won't follow season 4's outtake on the fight. But either way, enjoy! Maybe some OOC (Out Of Character) as well.

-One hour after the fight-
Her white coat was now a light brown, the fight with her former sister was now over. "Luna...I'm so sorry..." She whispered softly as she watched her mane turn to a mix of pink and sky blue. As she looked down at her newly colored mane she sighed deeply. She was now in control of the sun and moon. Finally realizing this, her tears flowed more freely from her eyes as she took her leave to the now semi-broken castle. Stepping on the grass, she heard the sound of glass shattering. As she looked down she saw it was her sister's crown. Using her levitation magic, the crown slowly lifted up to her face. Celestia sighed deeply, almost getting choked on tears, she continued her walk back to the castle. At least what was left of it. 'These thousand years are going to last a long time..' She thought to herself.

-One year later-
Equestria seemed to take the loss of their Princess of the Night fairly well, surprisingly, some ponies didn't even know who she was. But alas, her subjects were doing fine and, to her, that's all that mattered. Not her well-being or her mental state, Equestria always came first. "Princess, you've been sulking for a year now, and tomorrow is the first Summer Sun Celebration!"
Stated her first general in command, General StrongHoof. But she only continued to look at the endless blue sky.

"Princess, are yo-"

"General StrongHoof..."
She finally said.
"Yes, Princess!"
Turning slowly from the window and making her way towards her General, Celestia put a hoof on his shoulder.
"Do not worry about me or my well-being. My subjects and all of Equestria come first. Now go resume your duties of getting the celebration ready."
He saluted her and quickly walked out the room, not noticing the stray tears that escaped her eyes once again.

-That morning-
    She never did get much sleep since she took on the job of raising and setting the sun and the moon. When morning was approaching, the bags under her eyes clearly shown through her snow white coat. The guards tried not to notice her mourning, as well as the other castle volunteers.
"Princess,"  a castle maids said, "I-I have prepared breakfast for you. Please follow me."

Celestia only nodded and follow the young mare to the dinning room. There was chairs surrounding every inch of the table. Including a chair a certain Princess would sit in all the time. She had even left her mark, by carving a small moon into the back of the chair. She fought the tears back and stared at the oats the maid had left for her. Her appetite was gone, as well as the will to even look at the food. She never did each much nowadays, it was the reason for her sudden weight loss.
    She sat at the table, watching her food, for what seemed like hours. Her thoughtful thinking was interrupted by none other than her general.
His soft tone spoke.

"Is it time?"
General StrongHoof nodded slightly and watched her as she silently got up from the table. Her eyes never met his, but he could see the hurt she felt about celebrating her taking her own sister away.

      The ponies cheered and clearly shown bright smiles on their faces. It slightly warmed Celestia's heart, but it also caused her a great feeling of regret. Forcing a fake smile onto her face, she stepped out into the early morning light.
"My fellow subjects," Celestia stated, "it is with great honor that I present to you the first Summer Sun Celebration!"
The ponies cheered even louder, obviously excited for this new holiday.
"We are gathered here to celebrate... The defeat of none other than Nightmare Moon!"
She got almost got choked on those familiar words, that she hasn't dared to speak in almost a year. They still hurt and she wondered how long it would hurt. But as she looked upon the crowd and saw their smiling faces, she almost felt angry at them. 'Why are they celebrating my sister betraying me?' She wondered, not knowing that she was giving them a nasty look.
"Ahem, Princess.."
Her eyes drifted toward the sidelines and her general nodded. Sighing, Celestia rid the thoughts out of her head and her horn lit with magic. With the crowd in awe, their Princess set the moon. Her eyes wandered her sister's silhouette in the fading stone. Luckily enough for Celestia, her back was turned on the crowd and she reluctantly let her remaining tears go. That day she vowed not to cry again.

-500 years later-
    Princess Celestia had a more organized schedule now, and those bags under her eyes were gone. Her sleep was caught up and so was her mental state. The memory of her former sister was now... Just that, a memory. Yes, she forced the memory of her own sister away. Celestia was almost grateful, it no longer pained her to know that her dear sister wasn't coming back for another 500 years. General StrongHoof was no longer with her (A/N: ya' know she's kinda immortal and all...) but for some reason her eyes shined brighter and her mane gained a color also, green. Celestia gained it while she was negotiating with another ruler on whether or not they should put their kingdoms together. It was wrong of her to do that, because King Sombra had no intentions of sharing a kingdom with her. The Crystal Empire was then banished, along with him exiled into the ice. After that, she soon learned that the colors meant something. Pink meant kindhearted, blue was leadership, and finally, green was none other than courage.
   At times the princess would wander off into the Everfree Forest, and visit the old castle. The stone walls were corroding and the flags stung hung over her and Luna's thrones. Surprisingly, the fabric was only torn at the ends and a few patches were needed to fix it all up. She smiled to herself when she found the library. It was still filled with all the forbidden spells books and occasional fairy tales she would tell Luna at night. "Princess!" She heard someone call her.

"Who's there?"

"It's just me, princess, I thought you'd be here!"

"Yes, I come here a lot. What is it that you need?"
After the colt explained that the castle wondered where she went off too, he went to find her. She chuckled a bit.
"I supposed I should have told somepony before I went off wondering again."

-400 years later-
     Celestia acted perfectly normal now, and her 'memories' of Princess Luna were long gone. And even Equestria had grown greatly since that night, and she was content ruling alone. These years with her ruling alone had gone by pretty quickly for her. At times she was happy because she would be able to see her sister soon, but she also was saddened by it, would he sister still be the same Luna she new and loved? Or would she remain Nightmare moon... Forever? Those moments went and passed but Celesita would ponder about the topic for a minute then resume her royal duties. At times, she would pass by the Elements of Harmony on her way to her room. The door was guarded by a spell only she could break. Those times she would try to wield them, but no luck. She wasn't in touch with them anymore. When she realized this, a light purple filled her mane. Did she learn another lesson? Sighing, she turned and headed toward her room, she had a lot to think about before dawn arrived.

-100 years later-

    Her student, Twilight Sparkle, had grown tremendously over the years of her being in Canterlot. Celestia watched her grow and her sister's return was coming, tomorrow on the Summer Sun Celebration, she would return and her eternal night would come back as well. The sun set slowly as Celestia thought about the events that would occur tomorrow. She never did realize that her sister's shadow was no longer on the moon's surface as she set the moon for the final time. Earlier that day, she had sent Twilight Sparkle to Ponyville to make friends, if Nightmare Moon was to return then she was to wield the Elements of Harmony for her.
    The long hallways of the palace always calmed her as she glanced around at the glass-stained windows. They brought back many memories for her, the defeat of Discord, the god of Chaos, and King Sombra's banishment. As she walked calmly down the hallways, a slight shiver went up her spine. Turing around, Princess Celestia saw a purple mist following her. "Show yourself!" She demanded. As her face grew more serious, a dark chuckle was heard from the darkness. The mist  then surrounded her and entangled her in darkness. "No! Let me go!"

"Sleep well, dear sister."

~Luna's Story~

~After the Fight with Celesita~
Her armor had broken and it lay almost flat in front of her. Slowly, her form as Nightmare Moon was beginning to fade away. Her consciousness was growing back and so was her original mane.
The last of her amour, the helmet, finally broke and fell to the moon surface, leaving her mane to flow freely. As she looked around, she recognized this surface. It was almost all rock and dust, no water in sight. Taking in her surroundings Princess Luna looked at the unfamiliar armor and gasped.
"No! Sister!"
As she tried to stand, only to collapse again, crying out in pain. The wounds she sustained during her battle were still fresh, and she just opened them up again. The tears started to form as she tried to use her healing spells. Her horn didn't work, but why? She looked up and saw black crystals sticking out of it. Before she was banished, she own sister used a spell on her so she couldn't use her magic, she was stuck there. With the hot tears flowing down her face, she realized she had no where to go, and nopony to comfort her.
   Hours went by and she eventually stopped her silent sobs. Her face was emotionless and she lay on the dusted surface of her moon. 'How could she have done this? What did I do?' Luna thought to herself while gazing out onto the galaxy. The stars looked brighter and more ghastly. The illuminated the dark sky and even the sun was breathtaking. When Luna tried to stand again, she could to her surprise. But she felt weak, and her legs felt as if they were going to give out on her. Looking down at them, she saw that they were being sucked into the moon, along with her armor and body. It was returning to her Nightmare Moon state. Luna felt her eyes dilate and she grew taller. Her fur darkened along with her cutie mark, and her mane became the free-flowing mist again. "S-sister.." She gasped out before all of her body was turned into craters for one-thousand years.

A/N: Yes, I know it seems like more of a Celestia Fanfiction, but I couldn't do much with Luna since her magic was 'taken away'. So i decided to just make her an ACTUAL part of the moon instead of a life living on the damned rock. And I apologize if some parts seem to ramble on about nothing and the unneeded details. I just wanted to get in as much as I could.  It's kinda rushed, might even revise it later on.
Ah hello there, so I'm being a procrastinator and not finishing my stories so I just wrote this for the hell of it. I don't really care right now I have a lot and I do mean A LOT of shit going on. So I'm not in the mood to write my jeffery fanfic. :P 
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