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October 7, 2012
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Fiolee and Finnceline fanfic. Chapter 21

Fionna's POV:
I woke up and looked at the clock, it was 6:25 a.m.
I didn't remember what Marshall did, until i looked down and he was all cuddled up on my boobs. I could have sowrn my shirt was almost off,and i was right, it was. I tried to lift myself up so i can get some fresh air, but he clinged to me. "If you let go, you can get a special treat tonight." I wispered in his ear. "Mmmm what kind.?" He mummbled
Was he awake and trying to see what i would say.
"can't tell, member, secrete." I giggled. He let go and only my bra was on and it was lopsided, I had to fix it quick. I heard Marshall's head hit the cusion and he woke up. I wasn't done fixing my bra! he looked up.
ML: "trying to flash me?"

FI: "U-uhm N-no just fixing it..!"
I covered up,and he sat up and flipped his black hair.
ML: "Where did your shirt go? Didn't you have it on when we went to bed?"

FI: "DUH! I wasn't about to sleep in just my bra!"
I gave him a look,he started to laugh.
He leaned back
ML: "Yea, your shirt was itchy. And besides you skin is really soft."
My face felt hot.
He laughed
ML: "I'm not,like I said, a guy has to be comfy."
I mellowed out a little, and he pointed to my strap,it was lose.
ML: "come here, let me fix it."
My eyes widened.

ML: "I fix marcie's all the time, now come here."
I slowly walked over to him and sat beside him.
ML: "turn around."
I did and I felt his warm hands on my bare back, I shivererd at his touch. the straps fell onto my shoulders and he popped them.
FI: "Ouch, that hurts!"

ML: "Sorry, I have to do that!"

We kept on yelling until we heard Jake's voice.
J: "keep it down lovebirds. Fi, wheres your shirt?"

FI: "The floor duh."
Jake rolled his eyes and went back upstaris.
FI: "see what you did, you woke Jake up."

ML: "you mean 'we' woke Jake up, we were both yelling."

FI: "yeah bu-. Oh shut up."
He smirked
ML: "Make me."
my face got hot again
FI: "why do you have to make everything dirty?"

ML: "It's funny. And besides, you know you want this."
He took his plaid shirt off, to show off what abs he had. I turned my head.
FI: "No I don't and put your shirt on!"
He did.
ML: "you're no fun."
I turned back around and pushed him on the couch.
FI:  "I know, I'm such a fuddy duddy."
We both laughed when we heard a 'snap'. I saw Marshall's eyes widend. My bra just broke. I coverd up with the cover we shared and his face was dark grey.
FI: "M-marshall I'm S-so Sorry!"
OMG! I JUST FLASHED HIM! He didn't reply. I looked over and he was in shock. I got up and ran upstaris, my eyes were wet with tears. When I got to my room i shut the door and plopped on my bed, and started crying.
a few minutes later I heard knocking.
F: "Fionna, are you okay?"

FI: "B-brother?"

F: "Yeah."

FI: "I-I'm fine Finn."

F: "Then why are you crying?"

FI: "bad dream."

F: "Oh, well I'm gonna go back to bed O.K?"

FI: "Tay-Tay bro."
I listened so when the door shut I could go back and see where Marshall was. But I put a lose shirt on. He shut his door, I took a deep breath and walked into the living room. Marshall was sitting there,still shocked I see. I sat beside him.
FI: "Marshall I-"

ML: "Fionna, it's okay."
Oh great, I feel the tears in my eyes about to overflow. I hugged him.
FI: "I-I'm so sorry! I didn't know it was like that!"
He gently pushed me off of him and there was a water stain on his shirt. He held up my face.
ML: "why are you crying now?"

FI: "Because bra.."

ML: "Fionna...."
I could tell he felt really bad about the whole situation. He carried me to my room and sat me down on the bed.
ML: "get some sleep."

FI: "aren't you tired?"

ML: "I am but it's okay."

FI: "No it isn't lay with me."
I could tell he knew that i would say that. So he crawled beside me and i wrapped my arms around him. He wiped away the rest of my tears and kissed my forehead. I smiled and fell asleep.
I know what y'all are thinking. since im on fall break :) and i found an awesome wi fi spot. This thing is going good!
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